Current Teachers

The 2014 transfer period closed on May 15.

Who Can Apply

Teachers are eligible to participate in the transfer process if:

  • Teachers hold a full teaching certification (Apprentice or Professional)
  • Teachers hold a Transitional license.
    • Please click here to review your certification status on the Tennessee Department of Education’s Educator Licensure Information website
  • Teachers  who have been excessed are eligible to transfer.


Teachers are not eligible to participate in the transfer process if:

  • Any teacher with a Permit is ineligible to transfer
  • Teacher is a current substitute
  • Teacher is undergoing  the non-reelection process
  • Teachers  in the Innovation Zone are not eligible to transfer unless there was a change in administration at the end of 2012-2013 school year


How to Apply

All teachers must create a new transfer application.

Submit an online certified transfer application here.

  • New positions will regularly post on a rolling basis throughout the transfer period.
  • Principals will review your application and resume and if interested, invite you for an interview.

If you are interested in classisified positions, you must submit a classified application. The classified transfer application can be found at by clicking on the "Careers" tab.  

The transfer period will close May 15, 2014 and at that time teachers will no longer be able apply for a transfer.


After You Apply

After you complete and submit your online transfer application, the STARS office will contact you via email regarding next steps in the voluntary transfer process.

  • If you are selected for a position, you and the principal will complete an electronic a recommendation form and Human Resources will confirm your transfer, effective August 2014.
  • If you have not been excessed and are not selected for a position by May 15, you will remain in your current position at your current location.
  • If you are an excessed teacher and you do not secure a position May 15, you will be given additional opportunities to interview for positions prior to the first day of school.
  • If you need any additional resources, please review our Interviewing Workshop and our Resume Workshop.