Teach Memphis

Through Teach Memphis, Memphis City Schools connects great teachers with great opportunities to improve student achievement, transform lives, and reshape our communities.

Teach Memphis is committed to closing the achievement gap in Memphis City Schools by ensuring that our students’ futures are shaped by the most knowledgeable, talented and dedicated teachers.  Our goal is for every child to be taught by an effective teacher every day, every year. Our city’s future is directly tied to the education our children receive. With access to high-quality learning experiences, our students’ lives will be changed, and our city will be transformed.

Memphis City Schools is seeking top-tier teachers who are committed to providing a superior education for our students.   MCS knows that teachers have a profound impact on student achievement and is committed to hiring, supporting and rewarding quality teachers.  As part of the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative, funded by the Gates Foundation and other Memphis philanthropic organizations, MCS teachers will experience a new level of attention and professional support. Specifically, teachers will experience:

  • Improved teacher evaluation process that is more objective and useful.
  • Effective professional support tied to the needs of each teacher.
  • Recognition and compensation for teacher excellence.
  • Increased incentives to work collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Improved school culture.

With a new, highly selective application and screening process, becoming a teacher with Memphis City Schools will place you among an elite group of educators who are transforming lives and communities through their work in the classroom.

We are currently accepting applications for all subject areas and all grade levels.