Q: I was promised a position by a principal, why do I have to apply through Teach Memphis?

As part of the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative, Memphis City Schools has launched a first-of-its-kind, start-to-finish application process that raises the bar on who enters the candidate pool—and ultimately the classroom.  Therefore, all individuals interested in applying for teaching positions with Memphis City Schools are required to complete the application at www.teachmemphis.org to be considered for a position.  Additionally, we must verify your eligibility to teach in order to ensure proper licensure and highly qualified status.

Q: I am now in “Final Document Review” status, what does that mean?

Final Document Review is a status in the application process that means you have met the quality standards for becoming a teacher with Memphis City Schools based on our rigorous screening process.  At this time, we are doing a final review of your qualifications and documentation to ensure that you will be approved by the district and eligible for hire.  If we are unable to determine your qualifications, we will contact you for clarification or official documents. Once we can determine that you will be qualified to teach, you will be admitted to the Teach Memphis Candidate Pool and will be able to interview with principals for positions open to external hiring or mid-year vacancies. This process typically takes 15-30 business days to complete.

Q: I am interested in Career & Technology Education positions, how do I apply?

Career & Technology Education teachers must complete the eligibility questionnaire and online application by clicking the Apply Now button at the top of the page. Your application will be screened for eligibility, and if deemed eligible, you will be admitted to the Teach Memphis Candidate Pool as a CTE teacher in your specific subject area.  You will also need to provide the required documentation before being hired by the district, and you must attend a mandatory orientation session with MCS Human Resources before reporting to work.

Q: Which application should I submit if I want to work as a substitute teacher?

Substitute teachers should contact MCS Human Resources to apply at 901-416-5300. Choose option 1 for the Employee Service Center, then option 4 for the Substitute Help Desk. For more information, visit Memphis City Schools Substitute Teachers Career Information page or download the Substitute One-Pager for a detailed overview of the substitute application process.

Q: I applied in previous years, do I have to reapply?

Yes. Teach Memphis recently updated its online application with an eye toward identifying the strongest candidates to raise student achievement.  Therefore, we require that all applicants re-apply.  The only exception to this rule are teachers who were in the Teach Memphis Candidate Pool the previous year (2011-12), who will be moved to the 2012-13 pool and eligible to interview with principals.

Q: I was admitted into the Teach Memphis Candidate Pool.  Does this mean I am guaranteed a job?

No.  Becoming part of the Teach Memphis Candidate Pool is the first step in becoming a teacher with Memphis City Schools.  Ultimately, school principals and hiring teams make the decision about which teachers are the best fit for their schools.  We work to build and cultivate a large pool of candidates so that principals have their pick of the best talent to raise student achievement in their schools.  There are typically more teachers in the pool than there are positions, so be sure to put your best foot forward when interviewing with schools. Additionally, we have the right to remove you from the pool if you do not meet professional expectations during the hiring process.