The High Priority Schools are made up of 57 Memphis City Schools campuses in need of the most effective and talented teachers available.

At Teach Memphis, we understand that staffing the High Priority Schools with great teachers is the most important variable to bringing them back to good standing and giving the students who attend those schools the education they deserve. Despite the negative perceptions of some of these schools, they are the best places to teach if you want to make an impact in Memphis and truly work to close the achievement gap.

The High Priority Schools have an unprecedented opportunity to reboot, refocus and build up from a new foundation that will be centered on the district’s game changing shift toward focusing on what really matters to student learning—effective teachers.

That’s where you as a potential new teacher with Memphis City Schools come in.

Why should you teach in a High Priority School?

High Priority Schools have access to the most innovative initiatives and incentives in the district.

The schools have the potential to become some of the best in the state.

You will be under the direction of fearless leadership.

You’ll join a team of collaborative and effective teachers who are raising student achievement.

Don’t just stand there. Teach.